Clinical Inventory Management made easy!

Clinook will help you be knowledgeable of your existing inventory and of the changes needed for continued growth and improved service.

Ask yourself,

Have you ran out of stock on Materials without noticing?

Do you know how much money is in your Storage room?

Do you know what is the cost of Materials for each treatment you perform?

Are you Constantly Rushing orders and delivery?

Do you know the Materials expiration dates?

Clinook is an iOS App designed for the Dental Office environment that helps Control and manage your Dental Inventory and Stock of Materials in real time. Never run out of stock again!


Would you like to,


  1. Manage existing inventory and Re-order with just a few clicks.
  2. Know Costs on each procedure you do.
  3. Train your staff on how and what you use for each procedure.
  4. Be Alerted when your stock is running low.
  5. Know your material expenses in real time, every treatment, every day, every month.
  6. Keep your Monthly Budget in check.
  7. And many other features being constantly upgraded.
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Clinook is divided in four modules that will help you to easily find all the information with few clicks.



Create procedures, select materials and train your staff.


Manage your dental and inventory stock of material in real time.


Get analytics of everything you can do inside the app.


Receive notifications about inventory status.


With Clinook you will be able to visualize your treatments with a (patent pending system) that will give you control over the daily use of Clinical supplies and materials in Real-Time. Would you like to know details of what is being used and spent in your practice? See Statistics. Costs and timing information on every treatment that is rendered in single or multiple locations and by multiple users. Expediting treatment notes are a breeze with our system.

Create your own customized dental procedures with each specific material you like to use.

Train your staff in how to prepare your treatment trays in detail.

Keep track of what you are using live and on the spot.

Keep your overhead down!

Track the time you spend on treatments and improve. Be more efficient!



Do you know what is in the cabinets and drawers through out your office? Would you like to know how much money is there in the stock room? Clinook makes what seems impossible and at least time consuming, very simple. Just follow our easy steps and Clinook will provide you with this vital information. Save money, be more conscious of expenditures. Improve your staff efficiency.

The Human Touch: The interaction between Human and Clinook is fundamental for its effectiveness. Scan your materials as they are stocked, compare pricing and reviews (coming soon), print/re-order and many other features. Constantly under improvement.



Be able to monitor your numbers and know your business and how its performing. From what is used per patient, per day, per hour, procedure, any information you need at the tip of your fingers. Valuable information easy to analyze at just a glance.

With CLINOOK analytics you can learn on how much you spend on each procedure, by day or patient, by operatory or office. Customize to get the info you need to bring your practice to the next level.

Improve your team performance by sharing real numbers and awareness of cost (COGS).

Keep a budget on check without effort.



Have you asked your assistant for certain material only to find out you ran out, and is not available? Would you like to plan your schedule confidently and know that all needed is there. Never run out of stock again, receive alerts on pending depletion and expiration date. Re-order to your preferred Supplier easily right from the Clinook App.

Get notified about inventory requirements when product minimum quantity has been reached

Don’t let your unseen stock expire in a cabinet. A notification will arrive when your materials are reaching their expiration date.



Give us a try, we are sure you are going to love this app. Don’t waist more material and start using CLINOOK now.

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